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August 31, 2011


Jourdain – 5:50PM
Snooze Off
Airplane – 3:20PM
Wonderful boy entertaining us all the way back home.
August 30, 2011


Strasbourg St-Denis – 11:15AM
MQ, Vienna – 3:10PM
Pilgrimage to the holy land of Egone Schiele again and again!
August 29, 2011


Montremartre – 7:00PM
Pause !
Alserstraße, Vienna – 10:15PM
Capitalism kills!
August 28, 2011


Hotel de ville – 6:15PM
When the chairs are waiting for you and the enclosures also!
Ringstraße, Vienna – 6:55PM
Old lady’s lazy sunday afternoon in the Ring.
August 27, 2011


Nation – 7:30PM
Waiting in red.
Bed – 7:15PM
The taming!
August 26, 2011


Metro line 5 – 2:15PM
She got a beautiful bag, a cigarette and some coins ….
Vienna – 1:15PM
Fire falling from the sky in the late summer.
August 25, 2011


Chatelet – 5:45PM
Where the wind blows…
Backyard, Vienna – 3:15PM
Yesterday we were talking with Ali about our childhood and the cartoons we used to watch. He told me that they had a black & white television at home till he was 20! I couldn’t remember how the black & white ones looked like. I just remembered that my grandma had one with a kind of accordion wooden door. I found this in the backyard today, I took it up to the apartment and cleaned it.
August 24, 2011


Rue des Boulets Metro Station – 9:00PM
If i had  some coins …
Sky – 8:45AM
Flying away from Paris… Ain’t got no home, ain’t got no roots…
August 23, 2011


Boulevard du Maréchal Foch, Angers – 3:45PM
lucky ones!
Bd Rouget de Lisle, Montreuil – 6:15PM
I finally sent the package!
August 22, 2011


St-Martin – 9:20PM
The key
Prefecture de Bobigny – 3:20PM
Hell on earth…
August 21, 2011


Geneva – 6:40PM
Home – 7:31PM
Anorexia…”This is my body… this is my blood!”