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September 7, 2011


Hafez Av, Shiraz – 6:30PM
Blessed is Shiraz and its incomparable site,
Please god, preserve it from decline!
Cimetière parisien de Pantin – 5:10PM
I check the celebrities list of the cemetery, I find Jean-Pierre Melville, Emmanuel Levinas,… but you are not among them, so I call. “No this person is not here!”, “It’s impossible sir!”, I know you are there, I spell your name again. This time he finds it. “It’s a complicated name miss!”, “I know, it’s Iranian”.
Finally, I’m here, in the largest cemetery of Paris. 1076 KM2. At Information service, I find out that your grave is far away from the entrance gate, so I walk, I walk through the blocks and blocks of graves. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, imprisoned in their own communities, even in death.  I cross the alleys surrounded by trees, huge trees well-fed by your bodies.
Silence, wind and crows. No one is here but me, the livings have abandoned their deaths, the 200000 deaths, to their fate. Suddenly I’m filled with such a strange fear that I start laughing out loud.
I’m here at your division in Black Maples street, then line N and now I count 1, 2, 3, 4,…, 10. Here you are. No name, no tombstone, no nothing, you who were so obsessed with the memory, so anxious to leave a trace. You are between René Langlois and Andre Pidance. Who they are? I ignore! But they died the same year as you did, 1996. Every one around you has died in 1996.
I guess you had no one left in Iran to take your body back there? Anyways once dead, who really cares? Do you? Do I?