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September 14, 2011


My parents house – 1:35PM
Where I was swimming in summertime
Trying to keep my head under the water as long as I can
Now it’s full of yellow leaves
I am not a kid anymore and there is no water left.
Beaubourg – 4:30PM
There are different kind of beggars in the Parisian subway and each has its own method to catch travelers’ attention, often in vain. Believe me the Parisians are the most talented folks in the play of looking without looking and you must really do an extraordinary i-don-know-what action to capture a moment of their gaze.
The reason I am talking about all this is a woman I sometimes meet on Line 9, one of the most successful subway beggars I know, able to catch both the attention and the money. Instead of giving a summary on her life and misfortunes as common, she just repeats the same sentences : “Do you want to help me? Do you want to give me some money?” and she holds out mechanically her plastic bowl in front of  each and every passenger.
First when you here her voice you think it’s a child talking so you lift your head to see where the sound comes from and then you see this middle age woman always well-dressed with one of the most high-pitched voices you have ever heard, so shrill and monotone that makes you discreetly smile and it was the case of every one around me today. The african dressed woman beside me and the guy with glasses in front of me gave her some coins. She put the money straight into her white bag and gave us each a booklet.
On the cover :  “How to be saved and know it!”, intriguing title, and inside it happened to be some words from the Bible describing how sinner we are and how horrible is the hell which awaits us. Finally at the back there was a question : “What’s your decision ?
1. I choose to put my trust in Jesus as my savior.
2. I choose to reject Jesus and continue my life without him.
Mail us your answer and let us know if after reading this booklet you chose to be saved by Jesus.”!