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September 29, 2011


Avenue Besnardiere – 7:30PM
Taking the train, 3 heavy luggages, taking the tram, arriving in a friend’s flat, a cat welcomes you and you like it!
Parc Jean Moulin – 3:30PM
“I waited. The heat was beginning to scorch my cheeks; beads of sweat were gathering in my eyebrows. It was just the same sort of heat as at my mother’s funeral, and I had the same disagreeable sensations—especially in my forehead, where all the veins seemed to be bursting through the skin. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and took another step forward. I knew it was a fool thing to do; I wouldn’t get out of the sun by moving on a yard or so. But I took that step, just one step, forward. And then the Arab drew his knife and held it up toward me, athwart the sunlight… ”
Stranger / Albert Camus