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November 30, 2011


Tuileries Garden – 4:00PM
Full metal vegetation
Metro line 9 – 12:45PM
Ray Charles ?!!
November 29, 2011


Bonne Nouvelle – 1:00PM
Beautiful Italian girl
No no she is not talking in italian with particular italian hand gestures!
Republique station – 9:45PM
Olivier & Catherine
November 28, 2011


Rue raspail – 4:30PM
I have nothing to say!
Metro Line 9 – 1:45PM
This is our 100th post!
November 27, 2011


Geneve-Paris – 3:00PM
I am moving super quick, and i look at the clouds!
Place Monge station – 4:45PM
You are watching me, I am watching you.
November 26, 2011


Musse de art contemporaine – 1:15PM
The student of performance art is having fun in the museum
Home – 7:00PM
Golrokh has toothache!
November 25, 2011


Av du Mail, Geneva – 2:50PM
From out side looks a nice place, but normally I don’t like inside of those buildings. Anyway it’s a maquette
Rue Saint Martin – 10:15PM
What the hell are a real camel and his master doing in Paris?!!
November 24, 2011


Musee d’art moderne et contemporaine, Geneva – 9:00PM
Performance art
Bastille station – 8:30PM
Young soldiers wrapped their beer bottles in the sandwich papers!! as it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the public spaces.
November 23, 2011


Place du Ralliement – 12:30PM
Christmas footprint
Metro Line 9 – 10:15PM
How to take pictures these days? as I am all day long in a dark studio. I can take pictures before getting to work but it seems a little bit difficult cause I am always late and then after the work at night the only place to take pictures is the subway, on my way back home. So here they are passengers as sleepy as me…
November 22, 2011


Bd du General de gaulle – 6:00PM
Fade to gray out of the darkness
Avenue Pasteur – 12:45PM
First I see it and I take the picture then I walk into the bakery to buy my baguette, I get out and see some worried women looking at it suspiciously then I get into the tobacco shop and when I come out the police is already there!! Terrorism paranoia or horror film fans’ reflex ?
November 21, 2011


home – 8:00PM
Light my cigarette
Metro Line 9 – 9:00PM
Worried and tired at the end of the day.
November 20, 2011


Pont de Verdun – 4:10PM
Finally i could catch one of them, and the beautiful sunny day
Bahar & Navid’s flat – 7:00PM
Bahar’s portraits.
November 19, 2011


Cafe Welcome – 4:10PM
A big and long party last night. the headache
stays there like a cube on my brain!
Happy birth day Pershang!
Home  – 6:00PM
Most wonderful birthday gift I ever had. Unexpected…
November 18, 2011


Le quai – 5:10PM
For Pershang!
Passage Saint Sébastien – 1:30PM
My foggy birthday.!
November 17, 2011


Home – 7:10PM
Sweet and Grotesque
Boulevard Richard Lenoir– 12:30PM
Poor porcelain creatures in a veterinary clinic!
November 16, 2011


Cederic home – 7:10PM
Curly, long and complex

Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud – 1:15PM
Small brother is watching you

November 15, 2011


Pont de Verdun – 12:20PM
When you are not under the shade of a tree but your shadow is
Passage Saint Sébastien – 1:45PM
Parisian sad backyards

November 14, 2011


Blv Voltaire – 1:00PM
Some like it being in the showcase, do they feel being safe? being observed ? what? and this creature do not give me a shit starring at him/her with my phone in front of my face!
Rue Legouvé– 1:20PM
Graffitti cleaner
November 13, 2011


La Gaite Lyrique – 5:20PM
My shadow being computed

Home – 2:15PM
Big blue
November 12, 2011


Place le bistrot – 11:50AM
Sunday’s Look!
Croix de Chavaux – 3:20PM
After a week being away I am again in my neighborhood, doing my shopping and enjoying the sunny day.
November 11, 2011


Belleville – 6:00PM
Two friends are moving. tomorrow … !
Rue Saint Vincent – 1:30PM
No entry!
November 10, 2011


Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine – 5:30PM
Yes, It’s not just me who is waiting!

Cité des Arts – 8:00AM
Sudden wake up in the morning… What was i dreaming about? I was in an airport in Russia waiting for the plane, i remember…
November 9, 2011


Abattoire – 4:00PM
Unveiling the haiku at the past time!
Rue Caulincourt – 5:30PM
I am the only client in the restaurant Chez Ginette and while I am impatiently waiting for a very late lunch, the waiter is copying the dinner menu on the blackboard.
November 8, 2011


Le Quai- 1:30PM
After lunch !
Avenue Junot – 6:15PM
Dog contemplating the street by the window.
November 7, 2011


Home- 8:00PM
Reading the news.
Zayande-Rood got some water!
Cinéma REX – 12:15PM
Today I lost a beloved hat I had for 10 years…
November 6, 2011


Home – 10:00PM
Wooden beam and the stolen sign
Institut du Monde Arabe – 8:15PM
Mobile Art pavillon, a travelling exhibition space
November 5, 2011


Quai Monge – 5:40PM
Because Christmas is coming !
Cité des Arts  – 2:15PM
Curtain and window!
November 4, 2011


Home – 5:00PM
It can be like this from my living room !
Rue Saint Vincent – 1:15PM
Ivy plant removal from the walls
November 3, 2011


Home- 6:15PM
Diagonal point of view !
Opera de Paris – 2:10PM
The giant monsters of the opera
November 2, 2011


The Castle, Angers – 4:10PM
Two men, backpacks on, almost running!
Home – 4:00PM
Long hours of sofa-working, that’s the problem!
November 1, 2011


Rue Boisnet – 3:00PM
It takes 40-60 minutes!
Metro Nation – 6:30PM
Get down, get down, to this underground hell with me!