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December 31, 2011


39 Avenue Pasteur – 6:00PM
I hope 2012 will be a green year for these plants!
Vienna – 4:30PM
December 30, 2011


Place St. Cathrine – 8:00PM
Holy coke bottles, revealed for the new year.
2012 is coming
Vienna – 7:00PM
December 29, 2011


Georges Pompidou – 12:10PM
A very Unique experience !
Zieglergasse – 2:35PM
“Free bookshelf, You can put or take your books!”
December 28, 2011


La maison rouge – 2:00PM
I was really about to touch this sculpture. i should have done it. 
Vienna – 4:45PM
We are the first and the only clients in the post office!
December 27, 2011


Home – 7:00PM
She is bleeding and i can do nothing! i am just staring at her and she bleeds and bleeds, such a tragedy
Vienna – 8:45PM
Ice flower germinated in my heart…
December 26, 2011


Rue st Martin – 1:00PM
One just needs a few drops of light
Graben Straße, Vienna – 4:00PM
Pig and sausage cookies!!!
December 25, 2011


Place du raliement  – 5:10PM
That’s over. go home and take some rest
Charles de Gaulle airport – 3:30PM
Ciao Paris!
December 24, 2011


Home – 7:00PM
One of my new plants, they will be more and more
Navid & Bahar’s place – 5:30AM
No sleep tonight!
December 23, 2011


Quai des carmes – 1:30PM
Can i walk on it?
Place du General de gaulle – 12:45PM
Blue among the ruins
December 22, 2011


Quai felix faure- 6:10PM
We just got our ticket for Hugo Cabret and we went to walk on the bridge
Rue Amelot – 1:00PM
Black power
December 21, 2011


Paris-Angers – 3:00PM
A big creature on the way back home
Avenue Pasteur – 12:45PM
Tonight is Yalda, the longest night of the year, from today the days will get longer.
December 20, 2011


Metro line 9 – 10:00PM
Cinderella in the Subway. She is not looking for her per of shoes! actually i do not know why she reminds me of Cinderella!
St Ambroise Station – 12:30PM
December 19, 2011


Passage st Sebastien – 7:45PM
Paris, reflection and rain !
Home – 11:45PM
“For whom will you vote in 2011, Sarkozy or Hollande?”
December 18, 2011


Orleans/Paris- 7:00PM
Its summer in Brazil
Home – 4:30PM
Just one week before the end of 2011! go on!! a bit of courage my girl!!
December 17, 2011


Margo’s flat- 8:00PM
Magic flute in wood with the lighting !
Arènes de Lutèce – 3:20PM
Young friends
December 16, 2011


Place du raliement – 12:00PM
Do you like these ” i do not know what”s? i do not!
Mairie de Montreuil – 9:00PM
It has rained continuously for now three days!
December 15, 2011


Beaux Arts – 6:45PM
Rainy working night
Bahar & Navid’s place – 2:10PM
Rainy roofs through the broken window
December 14, 2011


Le quai – 2:00PM
The wind and friend are present
Rue de Rosny – 2:45PM
Through the window of the Montreuil City Hall
December 13, 2011


Quai Monge – 4:50PM
Hundreds of trees
Place de la Mairie de Montreuil – 1:45PM
After the rain
December 12, 2011


Home – 9:10PM
I fell and i broke the table
Metro Line 6 – 12:15PM
Speedy random visions from sky-train.
December 11, 2011


Centre George Pompidou – 1:00PM
Going to library !
Avenue Pasteur – 5:45PM
Winter nights…
December 10, 2011


Nation station- 1:00PM
Paris again
Croix de Chavaux – 3:30PM
Saturday dear Saturday, I bought everything you can eat from the supermarket and now I am waiting for the bus, dreaming of the big fish which will be ready in half un hour in my oven.
December 9, 2011


Le quai – 1:00PM
Tomato cube, where you can dance in there!
Gare d’Austerlitz – 12:45PM
As all the Fridays I am waiting impatiently the end of the day!
December 8, 2011


Le quai- 2:00PM
Couples from above

Rue de Rivoli – 12:45PM
Wrapped church!
December 7, 2011


Beaux arte – 6:30PM
Preparing the stage for a Lute concert
Rue d’Ormesson – 8:40PM
Chinese world
December 6, 2011


Place du president kennedy – 7:00PM
In the osteopathy clinic, waiting for my turn. and i’m always attracted to the tree trunks
Blv Saint Michel – 1:15PM
Red lips, red nails and a perfect makeup.
December 5, 2011


Sainr Nazaire – 1:00PM
Reflection on the flexible locker
Place Igor Stravinsky – 12:30PM
December 4, 2011


Grand Theater- 5:30PM
Christmas Galaxy!
Ave Champs Elysées – 6:30PM
Thousands of tourists in shining Champs Elysées make you forget that it is a sunday…
December 3, 2011


Home – 8:00PM
The spotty orange

Maison Rouge exhibition – 6:00PM
“The conforter” – Patricia Piccinini
December 2, 2011


Blv Foch – 4:00PM
My beloved monument on the top of my head, he said!
Les Halles – 12:25PM
Sewer rats captured in Les Halles neighborhood around 1925.
December 1, 2011


Rue baudriere – 10:00PM
Empty public phone and his french burger !
Rue Jarente – 9:15PM
Black and white.