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January 31, 2012


Place Luis Imbach – 7:00PM
Showcase keeper!
Boulevard Voltaire – 9:00PM
My hands are frozen while taking this!
January 30, 2012


Le Quai – 11:00AM
Well i just notice that almost all my photos have been taken in Le Quai!
but you know? it snows today!
Home – 10:00PM
I have a new green bird on my shelf. It’s bloody cold out there. I received the sad news of a death. I started reading The Magic Mountain to feel warm and better!
January 29, 2012


Rue Voltaire – 8:30PM
Charlety Stadium – 4:00PM
A life in a suitcase…
January 28, 2012


Le Quai – 2:00PM
Lovely weather, working in the studio the whole day on weekend
Monoprix supermarket – 4:00PM
Ah my beautiful fresh shrimps, you smell awful! How can I eat you once I have seen your scary faces?
January 27, 2012


Le Quai – 3:00PM
Waiting for Arnaud
Bastille – 1:20PM
The liberty angle with her torch of civilisation and the remains of her broken chains in the clouds is far, far away…
January 26, 2012


Abbatoirs- 3:20PM
We began working together and it will be fun

Zar’s flat – 12:00PM
“I’m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin’
I’m happy again
I’m laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun’s in my heart
And I’m ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin’,
Singin’ in the rain”
January 25, 2012


Home – 11:00PM
I bought this cauliflower 3 days ago and i love it, but i did a mistake, its too big for me! but  i am obliged to eat it soon, well, lunch, dinner cauliflower, lunch, dinner cauliflower. i am sorry, not for breakfast!
Metro Line 9 – 12:30PM
Theo Angelopoulos died last night…
January 24, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 12:20PM
She is kind and old. she lost her teeth but still cute!
Saint Ambroise Station – 4:45PM
Torn advertisement : “Women are not idiots!”
January 23, 2012


Home – 8:40PM
Well, i did not take any photo today. now i am at home. what can i do apart from taking photo of the wall?!
Prefecture de Bobigny  – 12:45PM
Walking in a nightmare!
January 22, 2012


Le Quai – 12:10PM
The Green algae ( is it a correct name?) it reminds me of my Grandfather’s house. playing on the roof , spending hours with these creatures !
Metro Line 9 – 11:20PM
I do have a Sunday-night-phobia!
January 21, 2012


Place du raliement  –  6:30PM
Hypnotic Maneges  !
Montmartre Cemetery – 5:00PM
A brief look to the Death land
January 20, 2012


Rue Baudriere – 6:30PM
‌Brain explosion, i should get some tea!
Avenue Pasteur – 9:20PM
“Moon, moon, moon, run!
If the gypsies come,
they will use your heart
to make white necklaces and rings.”
January 19, 2012


Le Quai- 5:40PM
She is drowing !
Boulevard Voltaire – 1:30PM
Cashpoint lady
January 18, 2012


Bd Peripherique- 10:10AM
What crime i am committing all the time?
Passage St-Sebastien – 7:00PM
Cigarette Pause again!
January 17, 2012


Musee de arte moderne- 5:40PM
Art and blue !
Passage St-Sebastien – 4:00PM
Cigarette Pause!
January 16, 2012


Bd du General de gaulle – 5:00PM
It makes sense, and its sunny but cold
Place de la Mairie de Montreuil – 3:35PM
“Sous les pavés, la plage !” / “Under the cobblestones, the beach!”
January 15, 2012


Le Quai – 4:20PM
How does this building dance when an earthquake comes?
Squar Rapp – 6:00PM
What about a hard work Sunday?
January 15, 2012


Rue Nicolas Appert – 2:00PM
Well abandoned
Croix de Chavaux – 4:45PM
Rizla, Zig-Zag, Triba, OCB,…
January 13, 2012


Rue Voltaire – 7:00PM
I should get back to the laundry in 45 minutes
At Work – 5:00PM
Post-It attitude!
January 12, 2012


Bd General de Gaulle – 6:00PM
Winter time
Metro Line 9 – 1:00PM
She take, she put, she take, put it on her legs and then put it again on the seat, what does she have inside i ask myself?
January 12, 2012


Les Abbatoirs – 3:00PM
One day Delay !
Saint Ambroise – 1:15PM
The Four Cheese Pizza i took the other day was really good so i am here again!! Am i going to take my daily photos here the next few days?
January 10, 2012


Rue Voltaire – 6:00PM
Its a way to pretend that the town is busy, big and appealing!
Cluny La Sorbonne – 4:45PM
The pianist
January 9, 2012


Le Quai – 1:30PM
Black and white
Saint Ambroise – 1:00PM
Waiting for a Four Cheese Pizza…
January 8, 2012


Le Quai – 4:00PM
yes, i just sat down!
Fontaine bleu forest – 4:00PM
Mermaid-tree gliding through the forest…
January 7, 2012


Le Quai – 3:00PM
Its not raining and its beautiful.
the Beauty of the darkness
RER D– 5:40PM
Sleeping as long as possible!
Why should one stay in the real world?
Sleep, sleep! There is no awakening!
January 6, 2012


rue St-Martin – 3:40PM
Transparent Lovers !
Institut du Monde Arabe– 3:30PM
I am in a Ufo ready to fly to the other world, away, as far as the hell… Apocalypse now and here!
January 5, 2012


Le quai – 2:30PM
I miss dryness, yellow, light brown…
That’s enough, please stop this greenness, wetness …
Place de la Mairie de Montreuil – 4:00PM
My heart is dark dark dark…
January 4, 2012


Abbatoirs – 4:00PM
Beautiful ruins

Zar’s flat – 12:10PM
“Someone gently picked love from my loneliness night and went…”
January 3, 2012


Paris-Angers – 7:00PM
Well, i just did not take any photo today and now i am in a car going to angers, and its raining and dark and awful . so what?
Charles De Gaulles Airport – 9:20AM
Sleepless night
January 2, 2012


Blv beaumarchais- 4:00PM
A new brand of vacuum Machines , for out door
? who said that?
Vienna – 8:15PM
Cold cold winter invaded me.
January 1, 2012


Porte de montreuil – 4:00PM
The first afternoon full of lines and lamps!
Vienna – 8:00PM
“Drink but not much”!