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February 29, 2012


Home – 5:40PM
You come home, you open the window and you see this blue, and you feel the spring…
At Work – 5:00PM
So now believe the end of the cold season!
February 28, 2012


Rue Toussaint – 1:00PM
Towards the sun which is never there
Croix de Chavaux – 4:45PM
In the bookshop
February 27, 2012


Rue Lenepveu – 6:00PM
ُThe sun is there, beyond the stones
At Work – 3:30PM
It’s really difficult to stay at work and concentrate while there is a beautiful sun shining out there!
February 26, 2012


Place du raliement  – 4:30PM
The hypnotic Maneges is trying to fly
Home – 9:00PM
Leaf hand
February 25, 2012


Home – 7:00PM
I am coming, open it up
Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis – 4:20PM
February 24, 2012


Rue des Lices – 8:00PM
Fragmentation of a unique body

Homel– 11:55PM
At last we have Sushi, Maki, Sashimi for everyone!!
February 23, 2012


Rue des Lices – 6:40PM
Chinese flowers terror!
Boulevard Montmartre– 4:00PM
I hadn’t seen such carpet-covered stairs for a long while, and the book shop next door has some rare treasures.
February 22, 2012


Rue Corneille – 9:00PM
Wish i had taken more photos, i was worry if he sees me, but no he was super busy with his job
Passage Saint Sébastien – 1:00PM
Apparently the problem everywhere in this city is the dog’s poop!!
February 21, 2012


Home – 10:00PM
I did not take any photo today, but… I’ve baked chocolate cakes !
Rue Hélène – 2:10PM
Young man from Second World War era!
February 20, 2012


Rue Chaussée Saint-Pierre – 10:00AM
What is going on up there? i had no time to stay and figure it out
North Parisian ring road – 10:00AM
A sunny morning, a nice music on the radio, and a car which goes fast, the thrill of speed, I have missed this wonderful feeling of freedom while in a car on the highway…
February 19, 2012


Rue Saint-Laud – 10:45AM
Cinema Fans
Home – 2:00PM
Sunny Sunday

February 18, 2012


Rue de la Roe- 6:00PM
I am sure she is gonna get something, like a dole or chocolate
Rue Vivienne – 3:00PM
This is where i have my university seminars this year.
February 17, 2012


Paris-Angers – 4:30PM
Heading home, very very quick, like 300kmh, you see? i am dying to be in my home !
Boulevard de Sebastopol – 3:00PM
Seven times Kate Moss…
February 16, 2012


Laleh’s flat – 10:00PM
Laleh’s view-point , probably! when she is not sleeping, or eating!
Palais Royal – 12:45PM
Students having lunch in a striped Daniel Buren’s landscape.
February 15, 2012


Republique – 6:00PM
Tied up
Mairie de Montreuil – 2:00PM
Today : an unexpected day off from work, so I decide to take care of my administrative duties. All I haven’t done for almost 2 months. I start with the City hall. Waiting room, counting numbers, killing time, at last my turn. Then I go to the tax center, they send me to the other side of the world, telling me that my problem doesn’t concern them. Me and my big shopping bag take the bus, one hour driving and then walk walk walk with out finding the address. I cross a highway, then a second highway, watching awful buildings all along, thinking : “Is there any city worse than Bobigny in the whole universe?” Finally I find the place, I wait again and then I am in front of the guy’s desk. He stares at my letter and me : “Do you think we live in 1980?”, me : “no, why?”, him : ” so why did you come here?” me : “I don’t know, they sent me here”, him : ” We live in a modern era, they could find your file on their computer, they are connected to our data base. the next time you tell them not to send people here”, me, perplexed : “OK i will tell them”, I want to kill them all. And the result : I have to go back to the tax center of my own city, and i understand that i have to pay the delay penalty of 100 euro caused by their own error anyway. Great. In the bus again on my way back, me and my shopping bag. A mess in the bus between a man who with his baby carriage aggressively hits one old woman who wants to get in before him. They say the most horrible words to each other. Awful. I have yet the shopping to be done, and dirty house to be cleaned, dirty cloths to be washed, some telephone callings, some late emails to be sent, And this is how your only day off evaporates in front of your eyes.
February 14, 2012


Nation – 6:00PM
Well this giant poster  took my attention in a second but i was the only person !
Croix de Chavaux – 9:45PM
Every day super hero picks up her dog’s poop!!
February 13, 2012


Artes et metiers – 2:00PM
Atelier de la Guitare !
Avenue Pasteur – 4:00PM
February 12, 2012


Rue Bodinier – 12:30PM
I will throw the keys down for them
Home – 9:15PM
Brain washing!
February 11, 2012


Abattoirs- 8:30PM
Rue de l’Hotel de Ville – 1:55PM
Lady and dust
February 10, 2012


Abbatoirs – 6:30 PM
Morvarid’s kitchen – 1:30PM
I’m sick.
February 9, 2012


Bd du General de gaulle – 5:00PM
The freezing cold weather will last 5-6 more days Mom!
Carrefour Supermarket – 4:45PM
We have all the same attitudes and movements while in there!
February 8, 2012


Bis Rue St Laud – 11:00PM
Tired and a bit drunk, i am talking about me !
Home – 11:45PM
Winter time
February 7, 2012


Le Quai – 4:00PM
Here she is, and the last days of working
Metro Line 9 – 9:00PM
-7 °C, no comment!
February 6, 2012


Bd du General de gaulle – 7:00PM
General de gaulle du Bd!
At Work – 10:00PM
This long corridor takes us everyday to a cup of coffee or a glass of tea, a brief moment of pause.
February 5, 2012


Rue Bodinier – 3:00PM
Snow again. last night some young students got drunk here or there !
Home – 1:00PM
It was so cold last night, i was at home unable to do anything. I discovered a tiny layer of snow on the ground when i woke up. All my plants are frozen!
February 4, 2012


Home – 8:00PM
Its super cold out side, just back from rehearsal.
In my bed ( its warm) watching News which is always horrible, like this photo!

Morvarid – 2:15AM
Around the world in 80 seconds, a wonderful stereoscopic journey to Cairo, Rio, Roma and even to your beloved hometown.
February 3, 2012


Le Quai – 5:00PM
You should always find a proper place to park your car
Metro Line 10 – 11:30PM
Subway visions…
February 2, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 3:00PM
Its freezing and the sun does not work as a sun
Chatelet Station– 7:00PM
Marley’s puppet singing and dancing in the subway
February 1, 2012


Le Quai – 2:00PM
Busy days. the head is full and the pockets are empty
Metro Line 10 – 11:45PM