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April 30, 2012


Le Quai – 11:00AM
If you are in danger of the sky
Metro Line 9 – 7:30PM
April 29, 2012


Place du Raliement – 4:30PM
We had sun today, though just for 20 minutes!
Parc Jean Moulin – 4:45PM
Just a perfect day with a deep deep sadness inside like a hole!
April 28, 2012


George Pompidou – 3:00PM
Queuing in the rain with paris
Metro Line 6 – 2:30PM
I am late again
April 27, 2012


Tuileries Gardens – 5:45PM
Jesus ascended. just to see how his meeting with the apostles looks like from above.
he saw 12 abandoned chairs,  not even the 13th for himself!
Metro line 9 – 7:50PM
I’m bringing all kind of green weeds and delight foods to Dana’s home.
April 27, 2012


Paris-Brussels – 11:00AM
Home – 3:00PM
A branch I found yesterday in the street
April 25, 2012


Rue Beaubourg- 3:00PM
Be quiet!
Rue Saint Jacques – 5:45PM
A lazy calm afternoon, walking in the streets with Morvarid, no destination nor purpose
April 24, 2012


Metro Line 9- 2:00PM
That’s cute
Metro Line 6 – 7:45PM
Animal Farm
April 23, 2012


Navid and Bahar’s home- 7:30PM
There is a corner for each of us, their home is just many many corners
Home – 4:45PM
I took my photo but I forgot to post it here and now it’s 2 in the morning, I passed midnight for the first time, what a shame…
April 22, 2012


Bahar and Navid’s home – 3:00PM
I opened my eyes and i saw the glass dome facing me,  clouds passing by, and some pieces of blue sky , Taha said!
such a wonderful awaken, i say!
Home – 9:00PM
20% of the votes goes to Marine Le Pen in France?!!! Frightening…
April 21, 2012


Rue Ricquet – 5:00PM
Floating on the black sea
Home – 8:30PM
There is no bottom to the depths of sadness
April 20, 2012


Train – 3:00PM
Train ing
Neptune – 3:00PM
Secondhand shop. I came here to find a mirror but I left with a bunch of hardcover old edition books : Conan Doyle, Simenon, Maupassant, Gide, Colette, Queneau, … 14 splendid books for 20 euros!
April 19, 2012


Bar du centre – 6:00PM
Mahmoud talking about Egypt

Musée d’Art Moderne – 5:00PM
The boy too is taking a photo with his iphone.
April 18, 2012


Saint Serge – 2:00PM
I had to take bus, it was a must!
Home – 2:00PM
non-stop raining
April 17, 2012


Le Quai – 12:10PM
Boulevard Saint Michel – 3:15PM
April 16, 2012


Carrefour St-Luis – 1:00PM
Home – 11:55PM
Buried amongst my “things”
April 15, 2012


Home – 8:00PM
Biological watch which is getting old
Faubourg Saint Martin – 4:30PM
Before elections
April 14, 2012


des Abattoirs – 10:30AM
Totally unknown simultaneous equation
Jardin de Palais Royal – 4:15PM
They are making a musical clip joking with fashion attitude in Paris.
April 13, 2012


Home – 11:00AM
Duality in a sunny morning
Metro Line 9 – 4:45PM
Black spots
April 12, 2012


Quai felix faure – 5:00PM
Everything in pairs
Rue des Ecoles– 4:00PM
Coffee under sunshine and watching people passing by.
April 11, 2012


Les Abbatoires – 6:00PM
Emilie and Ona
Line 6 – 7:45PM
April 10, 2012


Place Imback – 10:00PM
It reminds me of

Home – 11:00PM
April 9, 2012


Rue Bodinier – 11:00AM
‌Burnt in the fire, what is up there!
Panthéon – 6:15PM
Walking under the rain
April 8, 2012


Quai Monge – 1:00PM
Eventually it will end, somewhere, somehow …
Montreuil Cemetery – 5:00PM
“…We continue our play. Picking up gestures
now and then, and anxiously reciting
that which was difficult to learn; but your far away,
removed out of our performance existence,
sometimes overcomes us, as an awareness
descending upon us of this very reality,
so that for a while we play Life
rapturously, not thinking of any applause.” / Rainer Maria Rilke
April 7, 2012


Home – 6:10PM
A friend comes over and gets you a beautiful flower, what else one might want in a gray afternoon?
then you put it on the highest level of you home , which is the roof and you take a photo for your blog!
Rue Bertin Poirée – 3:00PM
April 7, 2012


Place du raliement – 4:00PM
Happy shopping
Home – 10:00PM
I was sick all day long, in bed and then… he came suddenly tonight, I am shocked and… happy…
April 5, 2012


Le Quai – 2:00PM
l’herbe est verte
Gaîté Lyrique – 6:00PM
Cube bar in an interesting place to sit and chat
April 4, 2012


Rue du Pré Pigeon – 4:10PM
The boy beside me
Musée d’Art Moderne– 3:00PM
No comment
April 3, 2012


Le Quai – 7:00PM
The sun shines obliquely or diagonal rays of the sun?
Home – 9:30PM
All day at home working, and now backgammon… i’m ready to win…
April 2, 2012


Rue Lenepveu – 5:00PM
Wayfarer and the frozen girl
Avenue de New York – 10:30AM
The tourist
April 1, 2012


Des Abatoires – 12:10AM
We clean the tables, we take them off and we dance till 4 am, that was the plan
Beaubourg – 3:00PM
It’s April Fool’s day… so what can you do in a prank day?