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June 30, 2012


Agora- 5:55PM
5 minutes before the show
Cité de l’architecture – 1:00PM
No comment
June 29, 2012


Rue de la vielle Aiguillerrie – 8:20PM
After some weeks taking care of the nutrition, not having heavy meals to eat. as she was preparing herself for the piece we made together, in the end, after the performance, she just needed a hamburger and she had it like this.
i thought it’s really not “honest” on a blog that is supposed to illustrate my daily feelings to put a common everyday photo as if i was doing a job… nothing to share here for the moment… waiting…black hole like my soul… waiting… for now i quit.
June 28, 2012


Agora – 4:00PM
2 hours before the premier
Cite des arts – 7:30PM
Barbad’s performance was all pain… I had a terrible pain in my heart, i was there in the dark trying to concentrate on what Barbad was doing, but i couldn’t… i had these unbearable flashbacks about my past… and this pain… this nonstop pain… i really tried hard not to cry loud like an idiot… The stories i had heard this afternoon was devastating, i wished i could die… i was unable to stop the machine of time in my mind and concentrate on what Barbad was doing, Barbad was obeying the voices in his head telling him what to do and we, the participants, were listening to these strange voices because his head had become a huge speaker … but suddenly Barbad began to cut himself, his torso, his stomach, right in front of us, first with a piece of metallic sharp thing and then a cutter, his knees were trembling, i was trembling, some people were leaving the room, disgusted, horrified, and me the one who dares not to look at a simple injury even in a film was suddenly concentrated on this horrible scene as if it was my torso being cut, my heart coming out. Barbad was obeying the voices in his head telling him what to do, where to cut, Barbad’s performance was all pain.
June 27, 2012


My room in Agora – 8:00PM
I just opened the shield a bit but not the window
Le pain quotidien – 6:15PM
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
June 26, 2012


Studio Cunningham – 7:00PM
The technicians are doing their best
Airplane – 1:20PM
Ciao blue, light and hot, hello again dirty gray, permanent darkness and cold!
June 25, 2012


Agora – 7:00PM
Open to the sun
Castell de Montjuic – 8:00PM
Barcelona mi amor!
June 24, 2012


Jardin du Champ de Mars – 7:00PM
When the wind moves you differently
Ciutadella Vila Olimpica – 6:30PM
I’m actually a frog crushed under the sun!
June 23, 2012


Jardin du Champs de Mars – Montpellier – 9:00PM
It’s not a window but a door
MACBA – 11:30AM
Mom & dad in wonderland!

June 22, 2012


Agora – 5:40PM
Barcelona – 9:30PM
Mediterranean sea

June 21, 2012


Agora – 11:00PM
At night
Home – 7:00PM
6 months and 3 weeks
June 20, 2012


Agora – 8:00PM
Technician and the tree
Canal St Martin – 8:00PM
A pleasant afternoon with a dearest friend i had not seen for 13 years!
June 19, 2012


Rue Francois Franque – 6:55PM
We arrived to Montpelier, it supposed to be sunny!
Home – 9:00PM
The 4th number of L’impossible is out with a picture of Alexis Tsipras the Greek communist on the cover and the other one L’Internationaliste, a man came at my door to sell it, i really did not want to buy it but he insisted so much, at first he asked me if there was not a little communist deeply inside me?! I said not at all and then he said they have no money while other parties have public investigations, he said they really want to change the world and without my help they cant!!! in brief he was so funny that I couldnt resist.
June 18, 2012


Cafe Welcome – 8:30PM
Emi, fabio and Ona.Working in angers is finished.
Tomorrow we move to Montpelier.
Amou Houshang’s home – 9:00PM
Here is his place, where he sits and smokes cigarette after cigarette despite this terrible cancer ravaging his body. I can stay on this balcony all day long watching him… listening to him… I can stay here forever and wait for the moment when he pronounces my name… the way he pronounces it… This is how this balcony of a modest “public housing” apartment in the south of Paris, far from our home town, far from the garden in Shemiran where he lived before exile, becomes a wonderful garden.
June 17, 2012


Luisa’s house – 9:00PM
Parc Jean Moulin – 7:00PM
High hopes
June 16, 2012


Des Abbatoires – 7:00PM
A piece of sun just for a few minutes
Cité des Arts – 4:00PM
Wandering around with people I like
June 15, 2012


Le Quai – 5:20PM
Well, today we posted the 300th
Grand Palais – 1:00PM
June 14, 2012


Impasse des petits peres – 7:30PM
Carnival for an amateur theater festival
Rue Molitor – 4:00PM
Waiting for my doctor’s appointment
June 13, 2012


Quai FelixFaure- 11:20AM
Again, on the bike
Pont des arts – 2:45PM
June 12, 2012


Bonne Nouvelle – 6:00MP
Second day of the last session

Home – 6:35PM
A beautiful and heavy gift from Qashqai tribe
June 11, 2012


Quai Monge – 8:10PM
On the bike
RER B – 1:40PM
On my way to the airport
June 10, 2012


Rue de la poissonnerie – 4:00PM
Walking in the city during the summer
Home – 11:30PM
This dress has come back to me from hell! I’ll tell you its story another time maybe…
June 9, 2012


Le Quai – 8:00PM
Bal Moderne
Rue des Entrepreneurs – 1:30PM
Gojeh sabz
June 8, 2012


Le quai – 3:00PM
The roof !
Rue Currosol – 7:00PM
June 7, 2012


Quai des carmes – 3:00PM
Home – 8:00PM
It’s as easy as this : instead of staring at them, you put them on and you go out spider!
June 6, 2012


Rue Corneille- 7:00PM
She will stop at the shoe shop showcase and she will look at the shoes for a few minutes.
i will leave her before she leaves the showcase
Home– 10:10PM
I was looking for a word, i took Twilight of the Idols and opened it at random, this sentence appeared : “The saint in whom God delights is the ideal eunuch. Life has come to an end where the “kingdom of God” begins.”… nothing else to add, just a question : will i go out of my cocoon tomorrow? – (Drawing by Payam Mofidi)
June 5, 2012


Place du raliement – 5:00PM
Steadfast in the rain
Home – 5:15PM
It’s about an hour that i finally finished the work.. I was thinking of myself as a spider staying for days in my corner, building progressively a spiral web,  complex, fragile and sometimes totally useless. This is what I am : a solitary spider!
June 4, 2012


Le Quai – 9:00PM
Home – 9:45PM
I have no time to go out or think of the photo i have to post here, still at home, still at work…
June 3, 2012


Brusels-Paris – 11:00AM
In a sharing-car, this young man was my companion. from the first moment he was reading and watching whatever i see or write on my iPhone, after a while it became a game for me, in a way i showed him my e-mails, my photos, the SMS that i was sending or receiving, then i wrote some notes, just for him to read, explaining my day, i am in a car going to Paris, 2 other guys beside me in the back of the care and ….but in the end it was super embarrassing for him!
Morvarid & Arash home – 8:00PM
Late sunday sunshine – peaceful…
June 2, 2012


Julie,Ehssan and Nilou’s House – 8:00PM
The Queen is having watermelon while watching The Lion King for the 10-20th time
Home – 11:00PM
At work
June 1, 2012


Rue de Flandre – 6:30PM
Julie and Nilou
18 Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin – 9:00PM
Some places are so full of mermoies.