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July 31, 2012


8th Av –  14th St – 1:00PM
We were both waiting and it was very hot out side
Chamran highway – 11:00PM
Tehran is a strange city!
July 30, 2012


Soho – 8:00PM
Sewing Machines at the wall

Sofal St – 6:30PM
Brick land
July 29, 2012


Prince St – 8:00PM
Shoe shop

Dehkadeh St – 1:00PM
Barbari the best bread ever!
July 28, 2012


Union Square – 1:00PM
Playing Indian music
Dolatkhah neighborhood – 7:30PM
Manual brick making
July 27, 2012


Bowery St – 5:00PM
Perfect place to have a rest and get psycho
Mirdamad neighborhood – 5:30AM
Azan, Sahari, Halim (how to explain these in english?!)… Good morning Tehran

July 26, 2012


Grand Central Station- 10:00AM
An amazing public space, full of potential in any manner

Ammameh – 9:00PM
Night on the earth

July 25, 2012


Subway – 8:00PM
He plays a very slow tempo experimental piece, and the people in subway have the fastest tempo possible getting raid of the subway which looks like a sauna
Karaj – 8:00PM
Akh akh akh akh!
July 24, 2012


West Village – 11:00AM
She makes the best coffee in New York for me, and just for me
Anousheh’s home – 4:00PM
In this intimate circle of old friends.
July 23, 2012


Queensboro Bridge – 3:00PM
Towards Nogouchi museum
Vanak St – 12:30PM
I’m a tourist in my own country! Why not!

July 22, 2012


High Line – 6:30PM
Private corner where he is observing us
Tehran – 01:30PM
I’m on this roof again!

July 21, 2012


West Village – 2:00PM
On my way going to see Ali Motamedi, Nadim, Rashin and Sepand in East Village

Home – 11:45PM
Home sweet-and-sour home!
July 20, 2012


Moma – 5:00PM
Untitled in plastic, color and moving flesh
Mairie de Montreuil – 4:00PM
Motherland is calling!
July 19, 2012


Washington sq – 6:00PM
Rue du 14 juillet – 11:30PM
Happy birthday Sean!
July 18, 2012


Bergen subway station – 5:30PM
I dont know why I hesitate to take photos here in NYC while I am in subway!
I don’t feel safe doing it…
Nation subway – 4:45PM
Asghar Farhadi the lucky guy!
July 17, 2012


Soho – 6:00PM
All on the wall
Perimeter highway – 11:15PM
I am preparing myself to some crazy speedy highway drivings in the near future!
July 16, 2012


Lafayette Av – 10:00AM
Everywhere under construction
Rue du Temple – 7:45PM
Cigarette break at work
July 15, 2012


Manhattan bridge – 3:00PM
But its not a poster or something, i took that photograph by myself!
Sacré Coeur – 4:30PM
tel :
Available day and night
A heart to take for a woman”
July 14, 2012


Subway – 2:00PM
Subway !
Rue du Temple – 5:30PM
At work
July 13, 2012


Broadway Avenue – 2:00PM
It was like if we are in a studio, amazing natural lightening
Home – 10:30PM
Nice to have her aunt around, even if it costs you go round the sales all over the city all day long, at the end you are rewarded with a fantastic meal!
July 12, 2012


5th Avenue – 7:30PM
Yayoi Kusama in Louis Vuitton

Prefecture de Police de Bobigny – 5:45AM
Vive la France, the country where if you want to change a driving license you must stay awake all night and be in the queue at 5:30AM. Vive la France, the country where when they open the door at 8:30AM it’s for telling you that the computer system has crashed so go home!!
July 11, 2012


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – 3:00PM
Watching dance classes

Rue des boulets – 4:30PM
Celebrities on the wall
July 10, 2012


Soho – 5:30PM
Giant Graffiti
Quai de Jemappes – 10:05PM
He came to the garden to tell us that we have to put out our cigarettes and go out so we went out to the door but he came again to tell us it’s forbidden to smoke in front of the door! I asked to take a photo of him and he said : i am sure you want to show the photo to everyone and say i am the bad guy! I said : no it’s your job, it’s alright, i take the photo because your tshirt is cool…
July 9, 2012


Manhattan – 8:00PM
Watching the city through some frames!
La Défense – 11:45PM
Blinding brightness
July 8, 2012


Central Paek – 6:00PM
Taxi – 1:00AM
It rained. It rains. It will rain.
July 7, 2012


Colombus Circle – 5:00PM
‌Blockade Rubish
Beaubourg – 8:30PM
Fighting the nothingness
July 6, 2012


Rockefeller Plaza – 2:00PM
Taha’s home  – 9:15PM
Ray Charles sings i like to hear it sometimes and Arash is born
July 5, 2012


Newark airport – 11:30AM
Morvarid & Arash’s home – 11:00AM
Coffee and Alka-Seltzer… A long chat in a safe territory
July 4, 2012


Rue du Roi Sicile – 7:00PM
Be more attentive to the Showcase!
Charles de Gaule Airport – 7:30PM
I am 7 years old when my parents are around and how delicious it is to be once again child in these jerky days!…and now they are gone,”swallowed by the stairs”… I stayed there in the AirPort  for a while not really willing to go home, i needed some time to smoke cigarettes, to buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker, and to think… I am in need of a scissor theses days!
July 3, 2012


Home – 11:00PM
I just shaked the iphone diagonally as quick as i could. TV On
Under construction
July 2, 2012


Gare de Lyon – 6:00PM
Blue train Cafe
Under construction
July 1, 2012


Agora – 4:00PM
Moquette, Plastic and Rain
I will be back soon