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September 30, 2012


Place de la Residence – 11:00AM
Strange but beautiful, He said!
101 freeway – 6:30PM
Pacific ocean
September 29, 2012


Home – 9:00PM
All day long being lazy at home, sleeping, sleeping, doing nothing. to be honest the only thing i did apart from surfing on the net and sleeping today, was cooking. shame on me!
Tarzana – 9:15AM
Californian way of life, huge highways, huge houses, Mexican housekeepers, pools and barbecues , the cliché though. At my mother’s cousin’s place before leaving for San Francisco and her husband is one of the first republicans i’ve ever met so i am curious to know why. Long discussion about politics, world and war. I’m trying not to protest just listen. Interesting.
September 28, 2012


Place du Ralliement  – 4:00PM
She might be thinking about …
Santa Ana – 8:30AM
I know i have to take some interesting pictures of this new city but as i am stuck at home, instead i put the photo of our colorful fruity breakfast! Landscape pictures from tomorrow i hope…
September 27, 2012


Rue bodinier  – 6:00PM
Visiting Rita after 4 months
Santa Ana – 10:30AM
Happy Family gathering
September 26, 2012


Jardin du Mail – 2:00PM
Good place to get together

Gate 33 – 9:30AM
Once again… This time I am traveling from today to yesterday!
September 25, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 2:00PM
Winter is in our pocket, we just need to take them out!
Home – 11:00PM
Ok, I accept : i am obsessed with this guy, i have this photo as background on my iPhone, on my computer, everywhere in front of me. I finally finished my article on his work this afternoon and i watched this movie once again like a drug addict! “And in the morning i’ll be gone…”
September 24, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 1:00PM
I swear this brown one was about to kick me with his back leg, but they are awesome anyway!
Cité des Arts – 1:00PM
A deep pleasure to discover and work on Mitra’s film again. This is a film now.
September 23, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 3:30PM
again me taking photos of the boats after having a coffee in the same cafe after having a day just sitting in front of my computer and writing. such a life
Home – 2:00PM
Les 400 coups
September 22, 2012


Quai des Carmes – 4:00PM
Little floaters
Home – 10:30PM
No comment
September 21, 2012


Home – 7:00PM
Viva Ginger
Orly – 1:45PM
“They are without memories, without plans. Time builds itself painlessly around them. Their only landmarks are the flavor of the moment they are living and the markings on the walls.”
La Jetée / Chris Marker
September 20, 2012


Rue Toussaint – 2:00PM
Smoking a cigarette at the library before getting in
Université Paris 8 – 3:00PM
“They appear great because we are on our knees”
Etienne de la Boétie / Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
September 19, 2012


Quai des Carmes- 1:00PM
Fisherman again
Invalides – 3:30PM
Waiting and reading
September 18, 2012


Home – 10:00PM
Square Sara Bernhardt – 11:45AM
September 17, 2012


Boulevard Henri Arnauld- 5:00PM
Sunny coffee time
Prefecture de Police – 10:30AM
Everybody is waiting for his number
September 16, 2012


Boulevard Henri Arnauld – 5:00PM
I like his/her works. hope i see more from this graffiti artist
Home – 11:00AM
I am convinced that this cat staring at me all day long is Chris Marker!!
September 15, 2012


Rue Saint-Laud – 6:00PM
Metro Line 9 – 11:30PM
War texture
September 14, 2012


Quai des Carmes- – 4:00PM
Printemps – 11:45PM
Shopping mania
September 13, 2012


Quai des Carmes- 5:40PM
Sunny Afternoon
Musée du Quai Branly – 4:45PM
An interesting conference about Iran, an archeology of Iranian cinema and a zoom on Kaveh Golestan’s Shahre-e-No series of photos
September 12, 2012


Rue Baudriere- 5:00PM
I’m not gonna help him!
Centre George Pompidou – 4:30PM
Hello Paris
September 11, 2012


Rue Baudriere- 5:00PM
Meeting point
Airplane – 11:30AM
September 10, 2012


Le Quai – 11:00AM
Huge Dolls
Sadabad – 8:45PM
The last morning even more sad than i thought it could be
September 9, 2012


Montreuil – 2:00PM
Modarres highway – 6:00PM
Final countdown
September 8, 2012


Morvarid and Arash home- 8:00PM
Coming from Berlin
Iransokna – 11:35PM
September 7, 2012


Montreuil – 5:00PM
Deh Vanak – 11:30AM
Finally a Super8 projector to watch and transfer the films, but it did not work as we expected!!
September 6, 2012


Saint Denis – Universite – 3:00PM
You feel like “wish i did not have lunch

Taxi – 2:15PM
I’m late.
September 5, 2012


Opera – 5:00PM
And i feel if i am a tourist, like always!
Saveh road – 7:30AM
In this early morning having a coffee on the road makes you feel better
September 4, 2012


Koln – 11:30AM
NYC-Frankfurt, all flights have been cancelled because of the strike, so i could  change my flight ticket from Frankfurt to pairs, and come by train. happily i had to stop in Koln for an hour where the train station is just by my beloved Dome, my favorite cathedral
Khaneghah – 8:30PM
The last sunset of my last day here, i hope to come back in winter!
September 3, 2012


Soho – 12:00PM
Last hours in NYC.
Niayesh – 9:00PM
Leaving the city at night
September 2, 2012


Soho – 2:00PM
Swing in Soho
Kurdistan highway – 11:00PM
September 1, 2012


12th St – 11:00AM
Cool Aire!

Hormozan buildings – 4:30AM
Blue moon