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December 31, 2012


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Taha’s home– 10:00PM
Happy new year!
Monoprix – 1:30PM
Kind of apocalyptic hysteria in the supermarket for this end of 2012
December 30, 2012


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Pershang’s home– 10:40PM
Can not read her mind
Home – 11:40PM
Thinking about war …
December 29, 2012


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Moulin Rouge– 4:40PM
Mulin Rouge
Marais – 11:30PM
Beer and piano
December 29, 2012


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Menilmontant – 10:40PM
Menilmontant – 11:30PM
December 27, 2012


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Home – 9:40PM
I hope it’s the last day of “rest in bed!”
Parisa’s home – 11:40PM
December 26, 2012


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Home – 9:00PM
Home – 9:00PM
December 25, 2012


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Katerina’s home–  9:00PM
Greek Christmas dinner
Marais – 1:30PM
December 24, 2012


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Place du Ralliement–  4:00PM
If i was still a kid i could have fun like crazy
Hotel de Ville – 5:30PM
December 23, 2012


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Home –  8:00PM
Sparkler and its nice smell 
Hotel de Ville  – 1:00PM
December 22, 2012


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Place du Ralliement –  8:00PM
Happy Songs and painkillers 
Pere Lachaise  – 11:30AM
December 21, 2012


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Home –  8:30PM
I could finally get up!
Nation  – 8:30PM
A moment of intimacy
December 20, 2012


488_1 488_2
Les Abbatoires –  10:30PM
Before dinner
Montreuil  – 11:00AM
“…I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
Here am I sitting in a tin can far above the world
Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…”
December 19, 2012


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Le Quai –  11:30AM
Home  – 11:30PM
“Ich ist ein anderer”
December 18, 2012


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Le Quai –  9:30PM
I’m gonna see this show on thursday, hope it’s not as bad as the one i saw today!
Musée d’Art Moderne – 11:30AM
“I certainly paint and sculpt, and it has always been so, since the first time I drew or painted to take a bite at reality to defend myself, to feed myself to get bigger; get bigger to defend myself better, to attack better, to hang on, to move forward as much as possible on all fronts in all directions, to defend myself against hunger, against the cold, against death, to be as free as possible; be as free as possible to try (…) to fight my war, for the pleasure? For the joy? Of war, for the pleasure of winning and losing.” Alberto Giacometti
December 17, 2012


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Performance art Forum –  4:00PM
Last day !
Home – 10:30PM
Waiting for health!
December 16, 2012


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Performance art Forum –  5:00PM
I’ve been always saying” i do not feel comfortable living in old buildings”, and i assume!
Home – 11:30PM
A photo of snowy Tehran, today, in my mailbox and the news of his sad loss..
December 15, 2012


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Performance art Forum –  7:00PM
Preparing a tea after a long afternoon working session
Bus 115 – 1:30PM
I had a hard work to motivate myself to go out with fever and buy some vegetables to make a soup but now i don’t really regret the effort because it’s boiling and ready to eat!
December 14, 2012


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Performance art Forum –  6:00PM
No, she is not afraid or something!
Avenue Pasteur – 2:30PM
Waiting for the doctor
December 13, 2012


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Performance art Forum –  11:30PM
Its freezing cold in my room in PAF, looking at the ceiling, trying to sleep!
Home – 9:30PM
Rear window
December 12, 2012


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Nouveau theatre de Montreuil –  9:30PM
After Speed -Dating 
Croix de Chavaux – 11:30 AM
Fever, sore throat and no force …
December 12, 2012


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Pershang’s home – 11:30PM
We ordered and we made it
Avenue Pasteur – 6:00PM
“Silence like the cancer grows”
December 10, 2012


478_1 478_2
Opera – 7:00PM
Christmas is coming 
Home – 9:00PM
In a mellow tone
December 9, 2012


477_1 477_2
Pompidou – 3:00PM
Rue Danton – 3:30AM
temperature –2°C and drunkenness 100%
December 8, 2012


476_1 476_2
Nation – 8:00PM
Saint Paul – 11:00AM
Nothing to say
December 7, 2012


475_1 475_2
Le Quai  – 7:00PM
Av Faidherbe – 10:00AM
“A morning like this one, already one year ago, the city was pale, when i left the station,…”, Barbara grieves my heart, her song, her voice… a knife pierces some deep hidden corners…
December 6, 2012


474_1 474_2
Le Quai  – 4:00PM
I called her and she looked at me
Home – 1:00PM
I know i have to go out and take some “fresh” real pictures but i have so many things to do and one of them is the obligation to watch a long list of movies for my work so i have no choice to put some here, this one is Dark city, a cult Scifi i haven’t watched before. A story about losing memory.
December 5, 2012


473_1 473_2
Le Quai  – 4:00PM
Warming the studio up
Home – 11:00PM
And Douglas Sirk is one of the most genius directors ever…
December 4, 2012


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Garage  – 3:00PM
She is a performer, tomorrow she is gonna be on the stage!
Home – 7:00PM
me fuzzy, me melancholic, waiting for the Mayan End of the universe!… By the way someone has forgotten a pair of glasses at my home, no idea who she or he might be, you have 17 days to contact me if it’s yours.
December 3, 2012


471_1 471_2
Beaux Arte – 7:00PM
Rock, tree and meat
Bus 115 – 10:30AM
The grass is greener today!
December 2, 2012


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Rue Toussaint – 4:50PM
The plastic pupils at the trash recycle bin 
Home – 11:30PM
“A game: say something. Close your eyes and say something. Anything, a number, a name. Like this (she closes her eyes): Two, two what? Two women. What do they look like? Wearing black. Where are they? In a park. . . . And then, what are they doing? Try it, it’s so easy, why don’t you want to play? You know, that’s how I talk to myself when I’m alone, I tell myself all kinds of stories. And not only silly stories: actually, I live this way altogether.”
André Breton – Nadja
December 1, 2012


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Bar du centre – 4:00PM
Coffee with Kate and Giorgeos
Nation – 3:30PM
When i was child, me and my brother decorated a huge plant we had at home as Christmas tree, every year we were excited to do so, although the only sign of Christmas in Tehran was a Disney cartoon they repeatedly showed on TV with the famous uncle Scrooge.
It’s now many years that i live far from Tehran, where actually the new year is the Christian one, but i never ever thought of buying a Christmas tree, never thought of celebrating Christmas nor could think of it as a real new year!